Yancey Sullivan – Bladesmith

Custom Hand Forged Blades 

All knives are not created equal. Hand forged from dscn0340
scratch, these blades are as real as they come! As an outdoorsman, hunter, and survivalist, I have come to see the knife as one of the most essential tools ever created. Too many people think they can simply go to a sporting goods store and find a good knife. There are many “good” knives out there, but why settle for good when you can have the best?


Bladesmithing has been my first love, and longest friend. It all began when I was 14 with a friend of the family. He taught me some of the basics of blacksmithing and to this day I am still learning something new about the occupation every time I crank up the ol’ forge.

dscn0307Making knives is a passion. My love for knives began early in life, having been raised in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen. At 14 my motive was being able to make all the knives I wanted. I loved them, and wanted more of them. I could appreciate good blades, but I couldn’t afford one, much less ten or twenty! Now it’s in my blood. Perhaps I have been influenced by the swordsmiths of Japan, because I honestly believe that the more care and effort you put into a blade, the more it will give in return. They say to do what you love the second most for a living, and what you love the most for a hobby. I work as a Blacksmith at a museum for a living, and make knives for a hobby. I never sell a knife I don’t want to keep. I consider it an honor to have the ability to manipulate the elements into something of lasting usability and beauty. If I never sell another blade, I will never stop making them. So if you also love hand forged blades, and appreciate the art and culture of the Bladesmith, look no farther. My prices are very competitive because I love my customers and can relate to them. A knife is more than a sharp piece of metal, it’s part of a culture, part of a legacy; it’s a story in itself. Thank you for being a knife lover. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments! 




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